Guidelines for Event Endorsement

The Canadian National Committee (CNC) of the International Water Association (IWA) is comprised of the Canadian Association on Water Quality (CAWQ) and the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA). It is the mandate of both of these associations to promote the dissemination of information on all aspects of water from research to management. The CNC invites submissions for endorsements of conferences, workshops, seminars, and any other gatherings whose primary purpose is to present or discuss any aspect of water quality.

Endorsement of an event by CAWQ and/or CWWA but not IWA. Either CAWQ or CWWA may endorse events separately according to the specific mandates of these organizations. In the rare event that endorsement by either CAWQ or CWWA only is sought, please consult the websites of the organizations ( or for CAWQ; or for CWWA) to ensure that your event meets the goals of the respective organizations.

Endorsement of an event by the IWA requires endorsement from the CNC . Consult the IWA guidelines for endorsement ( ; tabs: Events, IWA Events, Organiser Information) for more information on IWA’s endorsement guidelines. (IWA’s deadlines for endorsement generally require earlier submission of a proposal than CNC.)

Endorsement of an event by CNC will result in advertisement of the event on websites of both CWWA and CAWQ as well as announcements of the event at meetings of CAWQ and CWWA and in other communications of these organizations with their members.

Requests for endorsement of a conference must meet the following guidelines or those of IWA. A more detailed submission will facilitate the approval process.

It is expected that an event will at a minimum recover its costs. CNC will not be responsible for underwriting any event without express written agreement from CNC.

CNC requires that a fee of $20 be applied to all regular, full-time event registrants (i.e., not including students, invitees, etc.) and be remitted to CNC after the event.

After endorsement is granted, the event organizers should submit an electronic promotion package as soon as possible for the use of CNC to promote the event.

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