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Strengthening the Resilience of the Canadian Water Sector - Final Report

The project goal was to develop and conduct a National Survey of the Water Sector to create a National Risk Profile that can be used collaboratively by CWWA and PSC. A research study has been conducted using quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the state of preparedness of the water sector and make recommendations for concrete measures that can be taken to enhance resilience. The purpose was to identify policies and practices water utilities can adopt in the short and medium term to ensure a safer, more secure and resilient water supply to Canadians.


CWWA Climate (Ex)Change: Issue 1

In the February 26, 2015 CWWA e-Bulletin, it was announced that the Climate Change Committee had formed a sub-committee focussed on engagement of our members. What’s more, that the sub-committee’s next steps would be to connect with the membership periodically throughout the year with an instrument for two-way interaction. These interactions would give the Committee an opportunity to share its findings and tools while obtaining feedback on the needs of the Water and Wastewater sector in Canadian communities.

CWWA Public Attitudes Project: Changing Public Attitudes on the Value of Canada's Water System Infrastructure (June 2015)

This report is about how we get water and wastewater infrastructure seen as priorities in communities so they might receive an appropriate share of government funding.

CWWA Public Attitudes Project: Roundtable Transcript (June 2015)

A complete transcript of the facilitated round table discussion with many leading Canadian water experts. The round table was held in June 2014 to coincide with the Canadian Water Summit in Toronto.

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Durham Childrens Ground Water Festival The goal of the Festival is to increase the awareness of grade four students concerning water issues and motivate them to become water stewards in their home, classroom and community.
Value of Water Canada BC and Yukon outreach initiative
City of Canmore Epic Poo Race education product to encourage residents to "flush the right thing"
This is Flushing Awesome: King County initiative to educate residents on flushables.
Go Full Frontal San Francisco makes water conservation sexy
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York (Ontario) Region outreach campaign
Campaign Overview (pdf)

I don't flush

Ontario Clean Water Agency Campaign
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CWWA Climate Change Resources for Water Sector Professionals (April 2, 2015)

The CWWA Climate Change Committee has curated a collection of credible and helpful resources pertaining to the water sector to help water professionals access important climate change assessment and adaptation planning knowledge. The Climate Change Committee is pleased to offer resources for managing climate change impacts to your operations and facilities.

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