CWWA is working with our partners to promote standards for flushable products.
Currently there are no standards governing when a product can be labelled and marketed as flushable.

This has led to a number of products that while being sold as flushable do not degrade in water, and frequently form clogs in sanitary sewer lines. Many companies also benefit from ambiguous labeling to give consumers the impression that products are flushable.

CWWA is working with partners to promote national and/or international standards for flushable products and to improve consumer awareness of when and what products should be flushed.

International Standards Association - ISO TC 224 - Municipal Water and Wastewater Services

The Canadian proposal to undertake the development of a Technical Specification on Flushable Products was accepted and supported by 14 member countries of TC 224.

A new Working Group (WG 10) has been established under the convenorship of Duncan Ellison.  The Canadian Mirror Committee for ISO TC 224 has four experts listed to follow and participate in the development process. 
Anyone interested in following or participating in these developments should contact Duncan Ellison at duncan.ellison@videotron.ca.

The first meeting of WG 10 will take place in August through ISO WEBEX services to commence work and to determine the date of the first face-to-face meeting which Canada will host in London, Ontario.
Four experts have been named from the USA to participate in the WG.

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