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CWWA Welcomes new Executive Director

The Board of Directors of CWWA is pleased to announce that the search for a new Executive Director has been completed. Robert Haller has been selected as the new CWWA ED and he begins this role on May 01, 2012.  Robert brings over 20 years of organizational leadership to the Executive Director role, with increasingly responsible roles in small and mid-size communities in Ontario. He has worked with the City of Ottawa, the Township of Goulbourn, the Town of Prescott  and the Tay Valley Township, working up to Chief Administrative Officer  in the last two assignments. Immediately before joining CWWA, Robert was working as a municipal consultant in the area of community development, business planning and project leadership. More

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Member News

Saxe News - CWWA member Diane Saxe maintains a blog with analysis of environmental cases and law in Canada. http://envirolaw.com/.

The blog features environmental news and commentary from one of Canada's top environmental lawyers.

Water Environment Association of Ontario has produced a new video Biosolids: Naturally Sustainable. This 18 minute documentary explores the use of biosolids as a safe, effective fertilizer alternative for Ontario’s agricultural sector. Produced for the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) this video is currently nominated to win the award for best educational tool by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) an international body representing water health globally.

In an effort to educate residents in choosing the right softener for their home, the Region of Waterloo, in partnership with the City of Guelph, has launched a new website, www.watersoftenerfacts.ca.

The site features the results of independent testing completed by the municipal partners to measure the efficiency of various water softeners in the marketplace, and provides residents with key items they should look for when choosing a softener, including the amount of salt and water consumed by softener type and yearly operating costs.

Industry News

Using Rainwater Harvesting as a Runoff Reduction Tool

This short video featured in Stormwater Blog explains how rainwater harvesting is a logical and feasible approach to managing stormwater runoff, citing example usage for a typical commercial office building.

The Stormwater Blog features UrbanGreen Stormwater experts discussing Low Impact Development, Onsite Water Management, Rainwater Harvesting and all things Stormwater

New Beta Infrastructure Asset Management Software Available

Advance Water Asset Rehabilitation Portugal is developing a comprehensive project on infrastructure asset management of urban water services, the AWARE-P project (www.aware-p.org).

A key component of the project was the development of leading-edge software. This software is now complete and available, and is now being offered in its beta format free of charge.