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International Water Celebrations

World Day for Water

The United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution A/RES/47/193 of 22 February 1993) by which 22 March of each year was declared World Day for Water, to be observed starting in 1993, in conformity with the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development contained in chapter 18 (Fresh Water Resources) of Agenda 21. States were invited to devote the Day, as appropriate in the national context, to concrete activities such as the promotion of public awareness through the publication and diffusion of documentaries and the organization of conferences, round tables, seminars and expositions related to the conservation and development of water resources and the implementation of the recommendations of Agenda 21.

The theme for this year is Water for Life, 2005 - 2015.

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Inter American Water Day

Origin and Meaning

The Inter-American Water Day was created in 1992 by means of a declaration signed by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (AIDIS) and the Caribbean Water And Wastewater Association (CWWA). Its objective is to pay tribute to water as the basis of our existence. We do this on the first Saturday of October every year. The commemoration of this special day highlights the importance of water for the well-being, health and sustainable development of all humankind.

The meaning of this day expresses the existence of shared values in all American countries, underlines the sense of Pan-Americanism, and reinforces the collective interest in water, life and health.

For more information visit the Inter-American Water Day website.

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World Toilet Day

19 November was declared 'World Toilet Day' in 2001 by 17 toilet associations around the world. Since then there has been established an annual World Toilet Summit and many other regional conferences. Each toilet association has also engaged in many activities promoting clean toilets in their own respective country.

Since 2001, World Toilet Day has become a global platform for academics, sanitation experts, toilet designers, environmentalists etc. to share the latest on rural and urban toilets. Thi

The World Toilet Organisation asks each individual, in their respective country, to request better equality (more facilities for women); more accessibility & special provisions (for the disabled & mothers with babies); clean toilets (for everyone); and more toilets (for the less fortunate).

About World Toilet Organisation (

The World Toilet Organisation has the following objectives:

  • Establish a world body to coordinate and promote sanitation issues.
  • To continuously generate awareness for the importance of a good toilet environment.
  • To gather resources and promote creative development in the Research & Development, Usage & Attitudes and Aesthetics & Functionalities in Design for the betterment of health in general.
  • To propagate the need for better toilet standards in both the developed and developing economies of the world.
  • To provide and promote a community of all toilet associations, related organizations and committed individuals to facilitate an exchange of ideas, health and cultural matters.
  • To collate, publish and disseminate information globally in a timely and viable manner globally.

Information on World Toilet Day 2004 will be posted when it becomes availalbe.

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World Consumer Rights Day

Consumers International (CI) has called upon the international community to ensure that safe water and proper sanitation reaches all of the world's six billion consumers. `Water is a consumer right' is the theme of the World Consumer Rights Day 2004, celebrated on 15 March.

Consumers International, which represents over 250 consumer organisations in 115 countries, is asking all its member organisations to take the message about water and sanitation to their government and agencies.

The key facts about water are explained in CI's special publication Waterworks: A consumer advocacy guide to water and sanitation. The kit provides an overview of the key issues that underpin the debates on water. It focuses on the issues where consumer organisations are most vocal including access, ownership, delivery, costs, public policies and the environment.

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