National and Provincial/Territorial

These are links to federal and provincial/territorial government bodies and national/provincial or territorial organizations.

Associations and Organizations

AWWOA - Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association

ACWWA - Atlantic Canada Waterworks Association

BCWWA - British Columbia Water and Waste Association

CALA - Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation

C4 - Canadian Chlorine Chemistry Council

CaGBC - Canadian Green Building Council

Canadian GeoExchange™ Coalition

CWRA - Canadian Water Resources Association

CGWA - Canadian Ground Water Association

ECO Canada - Environmental Careers Organization Canada


EHFC - Environmental Health Foundation of Canada

NTWWA - Northern Territories Water and Waste Association

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

OWWA - Ontario Water Works Association

RÉSEAU environnement - information in french only

H2Info Page - RiverSides Stewardship Alliance


WEAO - Water Environment Association of Ontario

WCWWA - Western Canada Water and Wastewater Association


CCME - Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

CMHC - Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Environment Canada: Freshwater Website

Environment Canada: Water Efficiency

Environment Canada: State of the Environment Infobase


Health Canada: Water Quality and Health

INAC - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Industry Canada - Strategis Website

NRC - National Research Council

NHRC - National Housing Research Committee

NWRI - National Water Resource Institute


Canadian Environmental

David Suzuki Foundation

ESE - Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine

Innovation Canada - online magazine featuring some of the most exciting, leading-edge research taking place in universities and research institutions across the country.


NSERC Chair in Drinking Water Treatment

Water Health Connection - Physicians On-Line Reference Guide

Safe Drinking Water is Essential - U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the Global Health and Education Foundation

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These are links to water and wastewater organizations and websites in countries other than Canada.

Agriculture Network Information Center - United States

Alliance for Water Efficiency - promoting the efficient and sustainable use of water

AWA - Australian Water Association

AWWA - American Water Works Association

AWWA: Drinking Water Information for Consumers

AwwaRF: Awwa Research Foundation

CWWA - Carribean Water and Wastewater Association

ECOIQ - linked index of water and wastewater articles from EcoIQ Magazine

IWA - International Water Association

Lagoon Systems in Maine


Malaysian Water Association

NZWWA - New Zealand Water and Waste Association

South West Water - Exeter, England

USEPA - Environmental Protection Agency

The Utility Connection - links to water, wastewater, electric and gas utilities, associations, magazines, etc.

Water Science for Schools - U.S. Geological Survey

Water UKWEF - Water Environment Federation

WHO - Water, Sanitation and Health

- Water Research Foundation

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Associations of Municipalities

Amans - Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia

Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

FCM - Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Municipal World Magazine


NLFM - Newfoundland & Labrador Federation of Municipalities

Yukon Communities

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Provincial and Territorial Governments


British Columbia


New Brunswick


Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island




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Additional Educational Links

Region of Waterloo/City of Guelph Water Softener Facts - offers testing results for different water softeners as well as basic information on these devices.

Water Science for Schools : All about water use from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Water Use in the United States : Detailed information from the National Atlas.

Irrigation and Water Use : Irrigation data from the Department of Agriculture.

Global Water Use Map : Part of the Worldmapper project of Sheffield University.

Electricity and Water Use : How water is used in the production of electricity.

Water Footprint : Analysis of water use for products, nations, and corporations.

Water Uses : Seven categories of water use described.

The Different Water Users : International water use compared.

Estimated Water Use in Aquaculture : Government assessment of water use in industries.

Recreational Waters : The World Health Organizations recreational waters info page.



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