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Alliance for Water Efficiency
The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a stakeholder-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the efficient and sustainable use of water. Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Alliance for Water Efficiency serves as a North American advocate for water efficient products and programs, and provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts.

Alberta Health Services (previously Calgary Health Region)

American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Vision: AWWA is the authoritative resource on safe water.
Mission: AWWA unites the water community to protect public health and to provide safe and sufficient water for all. Through collective leadership, AWWA advances technology, education, science, management, and government policies.

Lionel Baron

British Consulate General
British Consulate General Vancouver and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Canada work with UK-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets, and encourage the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice. UKTI has professional advisers both within the UK and across more than 100 international markets.

Canadian Chlorine Chemistry Council (C4)
C4 is an alliance of associations and companies devoted to the responsible use of chlorine chemistry. Its mission is to provide a balanced view of chlorine chemistry, including the use of chlorine-based disinfection and to enable society to make informed, science-based decisions on issues involving chlorine.

Canadian Fertilizer Institute
The Canadian Fertilizer Institute is an industry association which represents manufacturers and wholesalers, and retail distributors of commercial fertilizers. Its vision is to to be an effective voice promoting a responsible, sustainable and efficient plant nutrient industry. The mission of the CFI is to enhance the competitiveness of the plant nutrient industry while ensuring the safety of Canada's crop production system.

Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating
Membership: 245 companies who manufacture and distribute plumbing and hydronic heating products.
Mission: To promote the responsible growth and prosperity of members: manufacturers, wholesaler distributors and associates in the plumbing and hydronic heating industry in Canada.

Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors
The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors is the only professional association for Public Health Inspectors in Canada. It continually works to protect the health of all Canadians, advance the sanitary sciences and enhance the field of public health inspection.
CERTIFICATION: the Board of Certification is the organizational body for certification on behalf of the Institute. The certification process guarantees that the highest standards for entry into the profession are met.
INFORMATION: CIPHI provides ongoing opportunities for professional development. CIPHI interacts strongly within the International environmental health community and is proactive in advancing the science of environmental health.
ADVOCACY: CIPHI works to protect the health of all Canadians on environmental issues while promoting the science of environmental health and the profession.

Canadian Standards Association

Canadian Union of Public Employees

Canadian Water Resources Association
Mission Statement: "Promoting Effective Water Management"
CWRA Objectives:

Centre de Walkerton pour l'assainissement de l'eau
Créer un établissement de classe internationale qui a pour vocation d’assurer à la population de l’Ontario un approvisionnement en eau sûr et salubre.

Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment - Fleming College

Centre for Water Resources Studies ­ Dalhousie University

Mission: EauVive aide les peuples des pays en développement à instaurer des services durables d'approvisionnement en eau et d'hygiène publique et encourage les Canadiens à offrir leur soutien.

ECO Canada
ECO Canada est la plus importante ressource en ligne du pays en matière d’emplois, de formation et d’agrément dans le domaine de l’environnement. Depuis sa fondation en 1992 à titre d’organisme sans but lucratif dirigé par l’industrie, ECO Canada prend le pouls du secteur de l’environnement en faisant de la recherche sur le marché du travail, en présentant le plus grand tableau d’offres d’emploi en environnement au Canada et en offrant une vaste gamme de ressources pour aider les professionnels à explorer les carrières en environnement, à trouver leur carrière dans le domaine et à la faire progresser.

Fédération Canadienne des Municipalités

INRS - Institut Armand-Frappier
L'INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier, une composante de l'Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), contribue aux efforts québécois de recherche, de formation et de transfert technologique dans le domaine de la santé humaine, animale et environnementale. S'appuyant à la fois sur des modèles expérimentaux et des analyses épidémiologiques, les recherches en toxicologie et en biotechnologie environnementales visent à identifier et à caractériser les effets des polluants environnementaux sur la santé humaine. Elles ont aussi pour objectif l'amélioration de la qualité de l'environnement et la gestion des grands problèmes de contamination.

Interior Health Kamloops Health Unit

Keewaytinook Centre for Excellence
Professional Technical Training for Water Plant Operators

Gohar Khan

Colin Kristiansen

Peter Mallory

Niagara College

Northern Territories Water and Waste Association
Objectives: The advancement of knowledge in the design, construction, operation, and management of water works, wastewater treatment and disposal works, and solid waste site works; The encouragement amongst its members of a friendly exchange of information and experience in an effort to continuously improve the provision of water and sanitation services provided to the public; and The improvement of the professional status of all personnel engaged in any aspect of the provision of water and sanitation services to the public.

NSERC Chair in Water Treatment - University of Waterloo
The NSERC Chair in Water Treatment at the University of Waterloo functions as a centre of expertise in water treatment and quality. Our research emphasis is on work that addresses short to medium-term needs of the funding partners, including municipalities, consultants, and industry involved in water treatment and provision.

Ontario Concrete Pipe Association (1986) Inc.
The Ontario Concrete Pipe Association (OCPA) is a non-profit industry association, established in 1957, with membership consisting primarily of producers of concrete pipe and other precast concrete drainage products. The OCPA works with industry and government to promote the use of precast concrete drainage products, maintain high production standards and to develop new product standards.

Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA)
OMWA is committed to ensuring the best possible safety, quality, reliability and sustainability of drinking water in Ontario. The Association speaks on behalf of consumers on the treatment and supply of drinking water and represents more than 160 public drinking water authorities in Ontario. These water authorities provide reliable, safe, and low-cost drinking water to over 7,000,000 people - in households, business and industry - across the province. Comprising elected, appointed and management representatives, OMWA brings together a wide cross-section of expertise and specialized skills to provide direction and leadership on policy, legislative and regulatory issues.

Ontario Sewer & Watermain Construction Association

Monorom Pho

Linda Pillsworth

John Rudnickas


Small Water Users Association of B.C.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is an arm’s-length, not-for-profit corporation created by the Government of Canada to support the development and demonstration of Canadian innovative technological solutions that address issues related to climate change, air quality, clean water, and clean soil.

Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance

University of Manitoba
The University of Manitoba is the oldest University in Western Canada and with almost 30,000 students one of the largest. The School of Engineering is ranked in the top 30 engineering schools in North America. Environmental Engineering program at University of Manitoba has a history of 45 years. The program, particularly advanced nutrient removal research and anaerobic wastewater treatment and sludge digestion, are well known around the world. The Environmental Engineering Group (EEG) in the Department of Civil Engineering (DCE) collaborates closely with scientists from Departments of Microbiology, Medical Microbiology as well as with research centers in Tulane University;, Texas A&M University, Cornell University; Concordia University; University of Florence in Italy and Gdansk University of Technology in Poland. The University of Manitoba Water Environment Federation Student Chapter (UMWEF) is one of the largest and is the most active, organizing, among other an Annual International Prairie Student Conference between the US and Canadian Prairie Universities.

Université d'Ottawa

University of Toronto - Department of Civil Engineering
The NSERC Chair in Drinking Water Research at the University of Toronto focuses on drinking water research activities related to optimizing treatment processes, improving distribution system water quality and meeting present and future regulations and guidelines.  Our research projects centre on the collaborative efforts among any of our utility and private partners to provide the industry with leading operational and design information.

Vancouver Coastal Health

Water Canada

Witold Wilewski

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