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About the CWWA WaterSource

One of the policy ends set for the Association by the CWWA Board of Directors is that Members should be informed of national and international news and events of relevance to their operations. The CWWA Board has noted that the transfer of in-depth information between the regions of Canada is not well served by most communication mechanisms and hopes that this biannual magazine will help fill the gap. We also note that many members are undertaking research projects or developing new management tools and approaches that would be of interest to other utilities in other regions.

Members and stakeholders in the water services sector are invited to take this opportunity to submit articles of up to two pages in length on research they are undertaking, on novel approaches to water services management or any topic of general interest. Past issues have contained articles on automated meter reading systems, biosolids management, water crisis management, water supply planning and more. To send us your article, the format is quite simple: Word document, Times Roman 12 point font, no automated bulleting or numbering, with one-inch margins all around. Any graphics should not be embedded, but sent in separate image files (at least 300 dpi in jpg, eps or tif format).

Your views on this new publication are welcome and appreciated. Please e-mail your articles and comments to CWWA at

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Past Editions

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Advertising Opportunities

Explore the many opportunities to tap into Canada’s $15 billion water and wastewater industry with CWWA

When you advertise with CWWA, you reach decision-makers with an annual buying power of $7 billion annually.

In addition to print, the CWWA WaterSource is also available to Members in a fully interactive digital version. Viewers can virtually flip through the pages, forward articles of interest to colleagues and click on ads to be redirected to the advertiser's website.

Members receive each issue via e-mail. A full archive of past issues is available to both members and non-member visitors, ensuring longevity for your online presence. Click one of the links below to learn more!

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Or to speak with someone directly, please contact:

Kim Davies
Group Publisher
(800) 665-2456 ext. 4423

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