Climate Change Committee

The purpose and function of CWWA’s Climate Change Committee is:

  • to monitor the development of legislation and government programs in Canada (federally, provincially and inter-provincially) related to climate change and:
    • to share this information with our members and seek their input and feedback;
    • to support the CWWA in its role as the National Voice for water and wastewater by engaging our members in preparing comments and advice in response to government departments and agencies on behalf of CWWA (or climate change committee) members.
    • to present the key issues regarding climate change  to Canadian municipalities by:
    • facilitating a national dialogue on the potential and expected impacts of climate change;
    • encouraging cooperative research on the potential extent of impacts and the development of viable preparedness strategies;
    • developing position papers pertaining to climate change impacts on water resources with an emphasis on municipal management of water.
  • to educate Canadian municipalities on climate change issues and possible strategies to encourage them to take reasonable action by:
    • developing a resource databank  of relevant research, data, best practices and links to related organizations and agencies
    • coordinating relevant events such as workshops and forums to share information, educate members and encourage further dialogue

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