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CWWA is a national body representing the common interests of Canadian water and wastewater systems. The Association addresses and informs Members on federal and national water and wastewater issues:

CWWA encourages all Federal/provincial/territorial/regulatory* departments, agencies or libraries, particularly those directly affecting municipal operations, who have an interest in water and wastewater services to subscribe to the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association. Your department/agency may wish to communicate effectively with the municipal sector and ensure ongoing communications. The subscription fee provides access to CWWA’s national newsletter, the e-Bulletin, its biannual magazine, Canadian Municipal Water News & Review and CWWA Communiqués which examines specific and very topical issues, and participation in a variety of networks (such as Water Security, Biosolids, Drinking Water Quality, etc.) and access to CWWA events at member rates.

Involvement in CWWA is a cost-effective way for the government to keep abreast of developments and the literature in the water and wastewater municipal sector. You can also initiate contact with key people in the industry. CWWA's increasing international affiliations may be of additional interest.

CWWA stresses communications on significant national trends and events, and works closely with other organizations to further the industry and create public awareness and support through:

Membership will give you the quickest and most up-to-date news on Canadian water and wastewater issues, legislative proposals, municipal infrastructure, and more.

*Note: Departments or agencies who provide or operate water or wastewater services should join as Utility Members.

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Annual Fee

For annual fee information, please contact Louisa Spina < > or to the general office mailbox < >.  Thank you.

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