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Dear Member,

It's that time again as we look forward to a new year!

Your CWWA membership renewal is very important to us. First we must state how much we appreciate your continued support, it enabled us to accomplish so much this year! As THE national voice for water and wastewater in Canada, we are proud to be your advocate in Ottawa.

Your membership for the coming year reflects a 2% increase as approved by the board.  We ask that payment be made by February 15th.  
Below is a link to your membership renewal invoice and a letter from our President, Nancy Kodousek.

Dear Member,

On behalf of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, I would like to extend a thank you to all the municipalities, consultants, government agencies, industry leaders and academic communities for being a member of this organization in 2016. It is also important to recognize and thank all those members who participate and volunteer their time on CWWA’s various technical committees.

Additionally, the support from the volunteers at the National Water and Wastewater Conference is appreciated in making this event a success. Your membership and participation make CWWA the National Voice on Water and Wastewater issues in Canada!

Over the past year, CWWA was active as your National Voice with Infrastructure Canada: meeting with federal agencies and ministries, participating in federal consultation and lobbying on behalf of municipalities. When the federal government looks for consultation on water and wastewater issues, they turn to CWWA for their advice. Based on consultation with its members, CWWA submitted a report this past year to the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities on the proposed infrastructure programs.

In the coming year, CWWA will continue to lobby and work with Infrastructure Canada as they roll out their phase two infrastructure program.

A few other highlights include CWWA’s partnership with Public Safety Canada on several security and resiliency projects. The Climate Change Committee and Energy/Water Efficiency Committee are active and initiating new research projects. CWWA has also been leading a campaign to educate consumers and the industry on the damage caused by ‘not-so-flushable wipes’.

Recently, a membership survey was conducted to receive your input related to priorities and issues in the water and wastewater industry. CWWA is currently analyzing those results and will share the findings with the membership in the new year.

You may have noticed that there have been some updates to our communications through the e-Bulletin, Communiqués and the Water & Wastewater Review Magazine with a focus on providing relevant and timely information about national issues.

Our goal is to keep you informed on issues at the federal level with Infrastructure funding, Asset Management programs, Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations, Climate Change programs, Drinking Water Guidelines and more. In the new year, CWWA will continue to keep you informed as details are released about the infrastructure funding programs.

Our National Water & Wastewater Conference (NWWC) – has been realigned to one annual event that is focused on bringing you and other utility leaders together. By bringing several specialized events together at a single conference there is an opportunity for better information sharing and networking opportunities. Following on the success of our conferences in Whistler (NWWC 2015) and Toronto (NWWC 2016), you are invited to join us in St. John’s in November, 2017. If you haven’t made it to the National Conference yet, you’re missing the best water professionals’ conference in Canada.

As a municipal manager, I understand that we must justify the expense of all memberships, especially ‘corporate’ memberships. I believe that CWWA offers great value for your membership fee and provides relevant services highlight on the attachment.

In closing, I wish you all Seasons Greeting and Best Wishes in 2017.

CWWA President

Nancy Kodousek, P.eng.

Please Contact Louisa Spina with any questions at:


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  • Stay abreast of national level water & wastewater issues

• Share and gain knowledge from professionals from across Canada

• Access relevant resources from our website and committee databases

• Participate in our technical committees

• Contribute your input to national level policies and programs

• Network with national and international peers and experts

• Present your work and success stories at conferences

• Enjoy discounted rates for conferences and workshops

• All employees of a member corporation are members

• Everyone can receive the e-Bulletin for national news

• Member corporations receive Water Canada magazine for free

• Everyone is eligible for the CWWA discount on events

• Member corporations get discounts on advertising in CWWA and Water Canada

• Member corporations attract and retain engaged water professionals

• Share experiences and learn from other municipalities across Canada

• Hear about national legislation, policy and programs well in advance

• Provide input that can influence future policy and programs

• The entire community benefits from retaining engaged water professionals who are abreast of the latest trends and training

• Be aware of proposed federal legislation and policies before they are enacted

• Provide input from your municipality into national policy-making and programs

• Be aware of federal funding opportunities and how best to access programs

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