COVID-19 and Federal Regulatory Requirements

Apr 27, 2020

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation the Government of Canada is adjusting reporting deadlines under some regulatory requirements to accommodate reduced staff and diverted resources.  

Environment Canada recently shared that they are changing the National Pollutant Release Reporting Inventory (NPRI) to July 31. A formal announcement is expected in the Canada Gazette in early May, but NPRI are reaching out to all known reporters to advise them of the change.

The Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations requires regular reporting. While Environment Canada doesn’t have the flexibility to change reporting deadlines for existing Regulations, they have released the following statement:

ECCC’s laws to protect the environment, human health and conservation remain in effect.  ECCC will continue to enforce laws and regulations in a fair, predictable, and consistent manner, and in the exercise of their discretion will take into account challenges regulatees may face as a result of the current pandemic.                

 Regulated communities are expected to act responsibly under the circumstances in order to prevent or minimize the effects and duration of any non-compliance caused by COVID-19, and to the extent possible should document:

  • the specific nature and dates of the non-compliance; and
  • how COVID-19 contributed to the non-compliance, and the decisions and actions taken to prevent, mitigate and respond, including steps taken to come into compliance at the earliest opportunity.

CWWA will continue to monitor federal programs and initiatives and inform members of any relevant changes. In the meantime, if there are advocacy issues you need assistance with, we are here to help as your national voice in Ottawa