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Why Join or Renew Your Membership

Your CWWA membership renewal should have already arrived in your mailbox. There are so many reasons to renew your membership:

  • CWWA membership ensures that your utility or business stays informed of national initiatives and trends that will impact your operations.
  • CWWA is your voice to the federal government. Our efforts ensure that federal policies and legislation consider the challenges faced by municipal water and wastewater utilities, We have achieved significant improvements to federal legislation – most recently to the federal Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulation etc.
  • Membership connects you with a national network of experts in water and wastewater treatment –giving you access to unparalleled information exchange
  • Preferred pricing to CWWA Events and publications.
  • Access to CWWA’s communication products including the Bulletin, Communiqués and the Canadian Water Source magazine.
  • participation in CWWA technical committees
  • a subscription to Water Canada Magazine
  • discounted advertising rates in CWWA publications (magazine, e-bulletin, website)
  • discounted advertising rates in Water Canada Magazine

The most important reason to join CWWA is to ensure a strong national voice on water and wastewater issues. Your membership fees support our advocacy activities and allow us to ensure that the utility voice is heard loudly by federal policy makers, making decisions that will impact your operations. The best way to ensure that your utilities challenges are represented is by joining one of our technical committees.

Types of Memberships

Utility Member

Municipal water and wastewater facilities

Utility Membership is a category reserved for organizations who own or who operate water and/or wastewater
infrastructure or services. Membership in CWWA is corporate: this means your entire municipality or company
receives the Utility Member privileges and benefits. Each utility member gets one vote at our Annual General Meeting, giving you direct influence over the priorities and activities for the coming year. Utility members are also eligible to serve on our Board of Directors as Provincial Representatives.

Membership fees are based on population served, allowing the smallest utilities to get all the advantages of membership at the lowest price.

    Associate Member – Private Sector

    Includes private sector companies

    For profit companies that service the water/wastewater sector, such as manufacturers, suppliers, consulting firms, equipment or product suppliers and commercial services. Each Assocoite Member – Private sectors  gets one vote at our Annual General Meeting, giving you direct influence over the priorities and activities for the coming year.

    Membership fees are teired based on annual revenue, giving smaller companies and start-ups access to membership at an affordable fee.


    Associate Member – Academic and Other

    Federal and Provincial Government entitiies (departments, libraries)

    This membership category is for non-profit organizations who have an interest in the water/wastewater sector such as universities, colleges or other associations who are interested or involved in the provision of water and/or wastewater services. Every Associate Member gets one vote at our Annual General Meeting, giving you direct influence over the priorities and activities for the coming year.

    Membership fees for this category are a flat fee. Like all our membership categories this membership is corporate and would include all employees, students or professors in this institution.

    Regional Association Members

    a special membership category for our founding partners

    Our Regional Association members are our six founding regional partners. They are:

    • Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association
    • British Columbia Water and Waste Association
    • Ontario Water Works Association (A Section of AWWA)
    • RÉSEAU environnement
    • Water Environment Association of Ontario
    • Western Canada Water and Wastewater Association

    Each Regional Association has a delegate on our Board of Directors.


      Federal and Provincial Government departments

      Not a true membership, our subscribers can gain access to our publications, join our technical committees and access discounts on our events. Subscribers cannot vote at our Annual General meeting or on technical committee decisions.

      Membership Benefits


      • CWWA e-Bulletin (monthly) – our popular national newsletter
      • Communiqués – in depth coverage on current news items you need to know
      • Canadian Water Source Magazine – a biannual magazine
      • CWWA Alert – (by e-mail) on the hottest issues/news
      • CWWA Annual Report – includes our membership list
      • Internet Web Site – including login to Members’ Only Section (coming soon)
      • membership on our Technical Committees 
      • Discounts:
      • CWWA events such as the annual “Window on Ottawa”
      • Employment postings on CWWA’s online Water and Wastewater Career Centre
      • CWWA e-Bulletin advertising
      • Outreach Potential
      • networking opportunities at annual workshops and conferences
      • sponsorship of CWWA organized events
      • Members’ News column contributions
      • boost your Internet homepage traffic by linking to CWWA’s homepage
      • Enquiry service (subject to staff resources)

      Membership Directory

      Welcome to CWWA’s Online Membership Directory

      This on-line compact Directory identifies CWWA’s members, which is continually updated. Members are the core of CWWA and everything we do is for their benefit.

      To become a part of this dynamic Association, fill out the Membership Application to get a complete membership information package.

      Connect with CWWA members year round by advertising in our Membership Directory.
      The Membership Directory, published by Naylor (Canada) Inc, gives you targeted access to the key decision-makers and primary contacts in Canada’s water and wastewater industry.

      The Membership Directory is also distributed at our Window on Ottawa event that takes place November 27th-29th, 2013. Our members use the Directory extensively as a comprehensive buyers’ guide for the products and services they use as well as to stay up to date with Association information. The hard copy version provides full contact information of all Members (such as name, job title, mailing address, phone and e-mail). Learn more about how you can advertise with CWWA today For print advertising opportunities, click here. For online advertising opportunities, click here. Or to speak with someone directly, contact: Alana Place Project Manager (800) 665-2456 ext. 4460

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