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A major part of CWWA’s mandate is to facilitate national dialogue and information sharing.  We achieve this through our publications, the work of our committees, and our national events.

Join us for the next few months to explore federal policy and initiatives impacting the water and wastewater sector

Water Canada and CWWA are proud to present this 4-part webinar series which will address what Federal government departments are working on right now and what is to come.

Webinar Workshop Series

Future Proofing the Water Sector

a RED TEAMING Experience

Workshop Part 1
Theme: Exploring the water security vulnerability landscape

Workshop Part 2
Theme: Red teaming ‘black swan events’ to future proof the water sector

Collaborative mitigation, adaptation and resilience planning is required to “future-proof” the water sector against the many significant challenges and risks over the coming decades. This Webinar Workshop Series will examine vulnerabilities that must be addressed by collaborative planning on a local, regional, national and global scale pertaining to black swan events and overall water sector security. Applying a scenario planning approach, we will ‘red team’ the plausibility and solution space.

Learning Outcomes for Participants:

  • Knowledge and skills to employ red teaming strategies;
  • Ability to effectively explore the complex threat and hazard landscape to identify potential black swan events and their effects on the water sector; and
  • Strategies to design resilience into the participant’s area of the water sector.

Workshop Part 1: Exploring the water security ulnerability landscape

  • Moderator: Dr Anthony Masys, Defence Scientist, Centre for Security Science, DRDC
  • Panel member: Ian Mcilwham, Chair of CWWA Security & Emergency Management Committee
  • Panel Member: Greg Solecki,  CEM CBCP MCML BBES, Emergency Management Leadership
  • Panel Member: Hiran Sandanayake, Chair of CWWA Climate Change Committee

Workshop Part 2: Applying scenario planning and red teaming to water security

  • Moderator: Dr Anthony Masys, Defence Scientist, Centre for Security Science, DRDC
  • Panel member: Ian Mcilwham, Chair of CWWA Security & Emergency Management Committee
  • Panel Member: Greg Solecki, CEM CBCP MCML BBES, Emergency Management Leadership
  • Panel Member: Hiran Sandanayake, Chair of CWWA Climate Change Committee

Moderator: Dr Anthony Masys, Defence Scientist, Centre for Security Science, DRDC

Greg Solecki,  Sandhurst Consulting
CEM CBCP MCML BBES, Emergency Management Leadership

Ian Mcilwham, Region of Durham
Chair of CWWA Security & Emergency Management Committee

Hiran Sandanayake, City of Ottawa
Chair of CWWA Climate Change Committee

Join Us November 8th – 11th 2020


Niagara Falls, Ontario

This is CWWA’s flagship event and THE national conference for Canada’s water leaders.

We attract over 500 delegates from Canada’s water utilities, our private sector partners, provincial and federal governments, academia and the not-for-profit sectors.

While CWWA has hosted specialized events for over 30 years, this ‘consolidated’ event has merged all of the former events into ONE, all-encompassing national event focused on what the senior water manager needs to know.

This annual conference offers a wide-ranging technical program covering almost all aspects of the municipal water sector, while offering the best networking environment for Canada’s water leaders.

As THE national conference for the water utility sector, this event offers the best opportunity for sponsorship and exhibiting your products and services to Canada’s most senior water managers.

It is with regret that we announce that the National Water & Wastewater Conference set for Niagara Falls, November 8-11 has been cancelled.

This decision seems inevitable as we watch this COVID-19 situation unfold each day.  As we prepare for second and third waves of the coronavirus this fall, we expect that restrictions on travel and limits on large gatherings will continue through to the end of the year.  As our priority is on the health of our members and the safe continuity of water operations across Canada, we feel there is little choice but to cancel.

Watch the CWWA website for information on our 2020 Webinar series

Join Us June 10th – 12th 2020

Window On Ottawa

Join us for a virtual event on June 11, 2020.

The in person Window on Ottawa/Water Summit

is postponed


June 9-11,2021

The “Window” is CWWA’s signature policy workshop.

This long-running event is run as one-day plenary session focused on federal water policy. It is a unique event that we refer to it as “everything you ever wanted to know about water at the federal level…and were afraid to ask.”

We invite the most senior national policymakers from each federal department and agency – not to tell us what they’ve already released, but to tell us what they’re working on now and what is coming next. This is a fascinating forum to engage with these policymakers at a very early stage and leave with an understanding of what to expect as a water leader.

In 2020, we are joining forces with our media partners at Water Canada magazine to run the Window in conjunction with the Canadian Water Summit.

Canadian Water Summit:
The “Summit” is coordinated by our media partners at Water Canada magazine and takes a much wider vision of our water economy. The subject matter and delegates are drawn from beyond just our utility sector, to include food & beverage, agriculture, mining, NGO’s and more.

This year’s theme, for the 11th annual Canadian Water Summit, is “The Keys to a Blue Economy: Unlocking Water Policy, Governance and Technology in Canada.” These are all issues that are of importance to our utility leaders and offers us all a new, wider network of water professionals.

CWWA Workshops & Webinars

Much of our work is very specialized within specific streams that require a focus on specialized topics. Learning and information sharing can sometimes be best achieved though workshops.

In an effort to reach more of our members, and allow more to access critical information in an affordable and timely manner, we will be offering more webinars and electronically-accessed workshops.

A listing of such webinars and all related details can be found here:

2020/21 Water Events Listing

CWWA maintains a listing of the major provincial, regional, national and international conferences related to water and wastewater. The full listing, with links to more details, can be found here:

July 29

CWWA Window on Water Webinar

Security and Emergency Management

August 26

CWWA Window on Water Webinar

Drinking Water

September 12

The Art of Collaboration and Negotiation

Water Environment Association of Ontario

September 17

2020 Ozone Webinar

Ontario Water Works Association and the International Ozone Association

September 16

CWWA Window on Water Webinar


October 5-9


Virtual Event

October 20-22

FCM Sustainable Communities Conference

Virtual Event

October 21

CWWA Window on Water Webinar


November 3-4


Virtual Event


March 22-24


Montreal, QC

April 18-21, 2021

WEAO Technical Symposium and OPCEA Exhibition

London, ON

May 3-5, 2021

OWWA Annual Conference and Tradeshow

The Blue Mountains, ON

May 9-14, 2021

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

Copenhagen, DK

June 9-11, 2021

CWWA Window on Ottawa and Canadian Water Summit

Ottawa, ON

September 21-24, 2021

Western Canada Water Annual Conference

Regina, SK

October 3 - 5, 2021

Atlantic Canada Waer and Wastewater Association Annual Conference

St. John’s, NL

November 7-10, 2021

The National Water & Wastewater Conference

Halifax, NS

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