Delivering an Essential Service

Apr 9, 2020

To say that drinking water is an essential service is a major understatement.  As emergency declarations are made across Canada, our communities will depend on us to get them safe drinking water delivered right to their home.  We need water to drink, water to clean, water in hospitals, etc.  We also commit to taking away their waste safely…as long as people cooperate and don’t use their toilets as trash cans.

We have always been the quiet, unsung heroes, going about our business underground and out of sight. But we all recognize the need to ensure that our water services are identified as critical services in every community – that the power and supplies we need are seen as a priority and that our mission to keep out operators safe is supported.

Here are a few things we are trying to do here at CWWA to support you:

COVID-19 Guidance – we expect most of you have solid action plans already in place to address the challenges.  Our Security & Emergency Management Committee has been sharing information and meeting with Public Safety Canada.  We will release a COVID-19 Guidance Document that we hope will reinforce what you are already doing and perhaps point out a few ideas you have not thought of.

Press Releases – CWWA will be putting out a number of national press releases related to COVID-19. 

Flushing – The first is related to What NOT to Flush.  It went out March 20th in English and March 23rd in French.  You can expect to be called by your own local media.  We ask that the focus be on the homeowner, on the individual, and what they can do during this time of crisis not to make things worse.   With all the talk about toilet paper shortages, we don’t want the alternatives flushed.

Tap Water – The second release is on maintaining Confidence in Tap Water and recognizing the efforts of our operators as critical frontline workers.

CWWA Events – Naturally, everything is up in the air.  We would hope that this crisis phase is over by June, and surely by November, but we really can’t say at this point. We are working with our hotels and service providers on how we might defer, reschedule or reformat our Window on Ottawa.  We will keep you posted.

How can we help?  If there are specific things you would like to see us doing or saying, let us know.

Thank you all for your service!  Your communities are thankful to have such dedicated professionals such as you, and the CWWA team is proud to serve you.