So apparently there was an election…

Sep 24, 2021

So the results are in and…. well…nothing much will change.  That’s ok.

You can debate if there was a ‘need’ for an election, but you can’t be upset that voters hadn’t changed their mind much in 2 years. We will return to a Liberal minority government.  I am quite ok with that.

Hopefully, this will mean a rejuvenated effort to establish the Canada Water Agency and push forward the efforts of the Standing Committee on the Environment to better coordinate all the federal departments and agencies working on the many water issues.  Hopefully this will mean that the National Infrastructure Assessment project will proceed quickly, as well as the work at the Canada Centre for Cyber Security, and the investigations into reducing plastics entering our environment (including through flushing inappropriate products).  I expect this will mean continued efforts to address water conditions in Indigenous communities and addressing the larger issue of reconciliation and governance.

These are all projects that the CWWA supports and for which we have been called upon to represent our utility sector.  I expect they will find enough support from the opposition sides to advance these important projects.  We’ll keep you posted on how these proceed and call upon you regularly for input.

Pandemic Supports
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Take care of yourselves, and your communties!