The NEW National Water & Wastewater Conference

by Oct 5, 2020

The Water Haller – September 2020

We are excited to announce a virtual version of CWWA’s National Water & Wastewater Conference NWWC2020… although most of it will be in 2021.  

I know… we could spend all day, every day, on webinars. In the “old” days, you could probably attend a water-related conference every week somewhere, but that was not a real possibility.  But attending a myriad of webinars is actually possible as you don’t have to travel or pay for hotels or food… you don’t even have to pay attention! J   

As YOUR national association, we do believe we have something unique for our members and our sector.  As best as possible, despite covid-19, we need to continue to share and learn and network within our professional community.


Not everything is set yet…and we promise to inundate you with e-blasts when it is set…but here is the general plan: 

The overall theme is “Towards a Sustainable Utility” and is based on work being undertaken by the Utility Leadership Committee to prepare a guidance document.  We have 8 Technical Committees and each will host a session related to sustainability and their specific stream.  The eight are: Security & Emergency Mgt, Climate Change, Water Quality, Wastewater, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Biosolids, and Utility Leadership. Then we’ll wrap up with a Closing Plenary bringing all the streams together for a joint discussion on sustainable utilities.

Mark your calendar now!  Here’s what we have confirmed:

  • November 18 & 25 – a 2-part workshop on Security issues with Public Safety Canada
  • December 2 – a workshop on Climate Change
  • January 13 to February 17 – 6 committee webinars – each to be confirmed
  • February 24 – Closing Plenary
  • Each will be a Wednesday running from 1-3:00 Eastern Time
  • The workshops are interactive sessions
  • The Jan/Feb webinars will be 1 ½ hour presentations plus a ½ hour “open mic” for attendees to weigh in on the topic of the day

We need your support!  As a delegate or as a sponsor. Please spread the word on this great series to your colleagues.  

Oh!  We are also working on some format for a more social event online.  Nobody misses receptions and hospitality suites more than me!!