Unlike Vegas, what happens here SHOULDN’T stay here!

Apr 30, 2021

I’m talking about the Window on Ottawa of course.  This is one of the good things coming out of this pandemic.  I know we all want to get together for a REAL conference, but we had already planned to take this event virtual so we could reach a wider audience.  This information is too valuable to hold for just those that can travel to Ottawa each June. 

Our main purpose is to engage with the federal government on water issues, and this Window has proven to be our greatest platform.  We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, but you really MUST check out the program for this year’s event.  We have teamed up with Water Canada magazine and the Canada Water Summit to create an incredible line up over three days.    That’s all I can say about it.  You will be sorry if you miss this one.

Ok, maybe you CAN flush that

Incredible news out of the US this week.  Kimberly-Clark, manufacturers of Cottonelle wipes (and many other products) came to a settlement with the City of Charleston SC.  From now on, K-C agrees to only label products ‘flushable’ if they meet our industry specifications and to clearly mark the rest with a clear and visible “Do Not Flush” logo.  This is huge news and should be seen as a major turning point.  CWWA has been working for many years, along with NACWA and WEF in the US, to find a workable solution with the manufacturers association.  CWWA was a leader in creating the international coalition (IWSFG) that developed this specification and we plan to be a major part of the process to roll out the new logos and verification process. 

Our huge thanks go to Barry Orr as our team leader on all these efforts, but also to his team of Jennifer Leno, Duncan Ellison, Neil Thomas, Mike Darbyshire, William Fernandes, Tony VanRossum and probably a few more I haven’t mentioned here.

To Meet or Not to Meet?

We don’t know yet.  We were getting so encouraged by the vaccine rollout, and were all set to announce a LIVE event in Niagara Falls this November.  But we have all been set back by this third wave and a lot of hesitancy about attending any events this year.  So we’ve put out a survey to all of you to get your input.  Pretty simple question – IF the world were to open and we were free to meet, would you be able to come?  Please be sure to answer the survey and we’ll reassess here. 

Making it up as we go along,