Water Haller: All’s Quiet on the Election Front

Aug 26, 2021

It’s election time, so everything is on hold.  Most federal projects have paused and it’s hard to get anyone to talk to you while the future is uncertain. 

 While we don’t actively back any parties, as the CWWA we are certainly concerned with all national issues affecting water.  We shared these issues with our partners at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities as they put together their election platforms.

 We definitely want to see continued support for significant infrastructure funding with a clear focus on water and wastewater (including First Nations).  We have also supported the focus on addressing climate change while promoting Canadian innovation. 

 No matter who forms the next government, we hope they will continue the effort to form the new Canada Water Agency.  For many years, we have called for a more coordinated federal approach to water and a collaborative national water strategy.

 These issues are not getting national attention in any campaigns yet, but perhaps each of us can raise these issues with our local candidates.

 Our hearts are with our colleagues across Canada, suffering through incredible challenges posed by the high heat, forest fires and drought. The fall (and hopefully some rain) can’t come soon enough.