What do “We” want from a Canada Water Agency?

by Sep 28, 2020

The Water Haller – August 2020

Many other water organizations in Canada, like our partners at the Canadian Water Resources Association or at the POLIS Group in Victoria, have been calling for a national water strategy for many more years.


In my mind, a more-cohesive federal effort can only be a positive thing. At least filtering all the efforts and forcing clear communication between departments and agencies.  We still support the basis that water is primarily a provincial jurisdiction that recognizes the vast geography of our country and appreciates that one size does not always fit all.  But a unified federal effort that targets source protection in the face of climate change, proper allocation and agricultural use, supply management in drought and flood and our First Nations.  Hopefully, the concepts developed here will “flow” over to the Infrastructure and Innovation ministries that perhaps affect our municipal operations more directly.  We are already encouraged by the comments of the new Minister of Infrastructure (Hon. Catherine McKenna) and her recognition that the Infrastructure portfolio is the proactive part of the climate change battle.


Meanwhile, we are getting a better idea of what the Canada Infrastructure Bank is all about and the new options they can provide in financing – especially in facilitating third party partners.


You WILL hear more about the ministries and new agencies and SO MUCH MORE at the Window on Ottawa/Canadian Water Summit this June 10-12.  Mark it in your calendar now!!