World Water Day and Sustainable Utilities

Mar 2, 2021

World Water Day is coming, March 22, and CWWA is excited to announce two major events that day. 


First, that is the day we will release Towards a Sustainable Utility: a guidance document for water, wastewater and stormwater utilities. Led by the CWWA’s Utility Leadership Committee, this guidance document is a combined effort of all of our technical committees.  With that purpose of helping to move utilities to being more sustainable, we recognized that this concept of sustainability involves ALL aspects of a utility.  In the document, we identify several critical challenges facing all utilities, suggest a few best practices and point you to more resources if you want to get active on that issue.

 The document is aimed at senior water leaders as an initial roadmap and perhaps something they can use to lead their team or to gain support from their council or utility board.  Then we finish the document with suggestons on what we, as an industry, might want to look into further.

 This entirely digital document will be released on our website with all the active links you need.  We encourage all members to share it as widely as possible – the whole document or just the specialized parts you feel address your sector.

 Second, we wrap up our National Water & Wastewater webinar series that day with a one-hour plenary discussion.  The theme of the webinar series was the same as the guidance document – Towards a Sustainable Utility – with each committee tackling one aspect of the issue.  Our Closing Plenary session on March 22nd will be about Bringing It All Together, with a few senior water managers discussing how to address the many challenges all at once; how to set priorities and assign resources.

 Registration for this event is FREE, so again, we encourage you to share this with as many colleagues as you can. Webinar: Closing Panel – Making Connections by Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (