WOW! That’s short for Window on Water

Jul 23, 2020

Now is your chance to have a say on your national water & wastewater conference. What topics should we be addressing at a national level? What would you really like to learn about? Better yet, what are you doing that could be of interest to the rest of us, and you can share? We’ve put the call for presentations out there already. We always get a pretty good response. But more and

As I noted last month, our obligation to share national information throughout our sector doesn’t stop just because of a little pandemic.  We are excited to announce the first webinar series to replace our regular Window on Ottawa.  We will still focus on federal policy and national issues, but we can’t get you all to Ottawa.  So we have partnered with Water Canada magazine and renamed this series the Window on Water or WOW!

We’ve got dates and topics and federal departments set:

  • July 29 – Security and Emergency Management w Public Safety Canada
  • August 26 – Water Quality with presentations from our Committee and Health Canada
  • September 16 – Infrastructure w Canada Infrastructure Bank and FCM
  • October 21 – Wastewater w Environment & Climate Change Canada

We’ll be sending you all the details about the speakers and how to register.  While we can’t provide the networking of a live event, we hope that we can reach more of you with these specialized sessions.

Our thanks go to Hiran Sandanayake and Deborah Harford for a wonderful webinar on Municipal Climate Action on June 11th.  Kudo to Water Canada for coordinating this event and the Water’s Next Awards.  It was fun for CWWA to be a part of that celebration.

Don’t feel isolated!  Stay in touch through your association!!