CWWA is pleased to release these two new guidance documents related to COVID-19 and the re-opening of buildings. We trust you will find them very relevant and helpful in your efforts to work with your local building owners and operators. Part One is a General Guidance for Water Utilities Part Two is a FACT SHEET for Building Owners/Operators 

Part One is a General Guidance for Water Utilities and provides:

  • advice on steps to take to prepare for increased flushing
  • recommendations for distributing information to building owners
  • guidance on communicating with the public and media – Use these as Speaking Notes for your Mayor and Council

Part Two is a FACT SHEET for Building Owners/Operators which:is intended for public distribution to building owners and operators

  • provides general instruction for flushing and cleaning water systems
  • directs to more detailed resources and guidance

Make this your own!

  • This can go out as it is, but Utilities are encouraged to adapt this FACT SHEET to make it their own
  • Add your own name and logo with ours or just use this as a basis for your own fact sheet.  Honestly, we don’t care as long as the message is getting out there!
  • Add any local direction that you can such as chlorine residual levels, temperatures
  • Add local contacts and resources for your utility, local public health authority and provincial/territorial legislation
  • We are distributing this in a ready-to-go pdf format as well as in MS Word so you can edit and adapt