National Conference a Great Success!

Feb 24, 2022

Each year, the quality of our conference program just seems to get better and better.  I was thoroughly amazed by the calibre of our speakers and the depth of discussion.  We managed a very respectable turnout as well and we have heard only positive comments from the delegates. 

Feeling sad that you missed it?  Well, one of the good things about virtual events is they are all recorded.  So if you are still interested in any of the topics, you can still see the programs form the website and request access to one of the session recordings. 

Even better, you can attend the next conference live in Halifax this November. 

Loss of a Water Champion and Friend

I was so sad to get the news of the passing of my friend Lee Scarlett – although I suppose I said goodbye a couple of years ago, as his past few years were a real challenge for him and his family.  Lee had battled brain cancer for almost 20 years, although that was not what you thought of when you thought of Lee. 

Lee was the associate publisher for Water Canada magazine, so we met up as soon as I took on this job with CWWA.  Lee had a true vision for the power of communicating about water.  He and I became immediate friends as we toured the many water events across Canada, always seeking each other out for that end of day drink (or two).  Aside from our shared interest in water, we talked about families and camping and rugby – but he had that ability to engage everyone we met in that same personal way.

It was a great honour and pleasure to attend the ‘celebration’ of Lee’s life as I got a very late peek into the fullness of his life.  Like most of you reading this, I only know the conference you; and you only know the traveling Robert (although I’ve probably told too many stories).  Oh how I look forward to real events again and real receptions and hospitality suites filled with dedicated professionals with a shared passion for their community and their world.

Tribute to Lee – Remembering Lee Scarlett – Water Canada
Lee’s Obituary page –   Lee Scarlett Obituary – Newmarket, ON | Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home 

Upcoming events!

 Workforce Development Guidance Document March 10th

Drinking Water Quality Management March 21st & 22nd

Window on Ottawa (virtual) – through June and July

National Water & Wastewater Conference, Halifax – Nov 6-9