The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!

Jan 24, 2024

But so are the Danes and the Japanese and Australians and more!  

It’s actually 2024, which means IWA’s World Water Congress & Exhibition is THIS year!

Canada will host a world of water experts in Toronto, August 11-15.  We began the process to win the hosting rights over 8 years ago and, after 4 years of intense planning, we are ready to welcome some 10,000 global water professionals

Abstracts and presentation proposals have been gathered and an international committee is adjudicating for the strongest technical program.  This event will bring a mix of speakers from around the world to tackle shared issues, but on a global scale.  The program will be a combination of academics and practitioners.  Great effort has been made to build a strong Utility Management program for this congress with technical tours and many social events.  This will be a fascinating, and fun, way to build your own international network.

This event includes a large international exhibition, attracting innovation entrepreneurs from around the world.  There is a registration fee to be a delegate and attend the technical sessions, but visiting the Exhibition is free!  Tell your friends…bring your friends! At the center of the Exhibition will be the Canada Pavilion showcasing the best Canada has to offer the water world.  Would your firm be interested?  Let us know.

This is a rare opportunity when the world comes to us.  This event moves from continent to continent, so only gets to North America every 12 years. So if you want to attend a truly global event, without the overseas travel, this is the perfect chance.

Why August?  This special event has the full support of both AWWA and WEF and we wanted to be sufficient distance from both ACE and WEFTEC.  But this is a very different event than those two.  We don’t suggest you come to one or the other, but rather take advantage of this global event this year as a bonus event.  

Now we COULD have held this in January and also avoided ACE and WEFTEC, but August is a far nicer time.  Bring your family as part of a vacation in a superb city.  We have coordinated tremendous Family and Spousal programs to enjoy Toronto.

Registration and details will be posted any day now at:

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition – Shaping our water future