We’re Having a Great National Conference!

Jan 27, 2022

IF you are one of the few Canadian water professionals that did NOT register for the National Water & Wastewater Conference, you’ve been missing a really great virtual series.  We’ll share more next month in this   e-Bulletin, but it’s not too late to sign up for the last few sessions as we run through to February 3rd.  Signing up will also get you access to all the recordings of all the sessions so you can watch on your own schedule.  And remember…I’m in all of them!

 Seriously, there have been great discussions on federal water policy and what to expect from the current government in terms of water and the environment. We have had amazing presentations on water quality, water efficiency, energy, wastewater treatment, and a cyber discussion that could be the script for a Tom Clancy novel.  We wrap up February 1st and 3rd with discussions on the impacts of the pandemic on our workforce and a consideration of natural infrastructure.  The best session of all will be our wrap up social event on February 3rd – a virtual hospitality suite!

 National Water and Wastewater Conference – Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (cwwa.ca)

 Workforce Development Guidance March 10th

 Last March, our Utility Leadership Committee released a guidance document on Towards a Sustainable Utility.  This March, we will release the next guidance document focused on Workforce Development.  The brief document outlines some of the key issues we all face with Succession Planning, Training, and Recruiting, offers some best practices and reference to helpful resources.  It will also include specialized checklists for the different types of employees within your utility. We will launch the new guidance document on March 10th with a webinar event to review the major topics with some of our water leaders.


Drinking Water Quality Management March 21st & 22nd

 Our Drinking Water Quality Committee has developed a very active subcommittee focused on quality management and they have organized this interactive workshop for March 21st and 22nd.  We’ll be sharing the details soon.


Halifax – November 6-9, 2022

 That’s right!  We are going to meet live, face-to-face again THIS year!!

Well that’s the plan.  We do hope we can all be together in Halifax this fall, so be sure to get this in your calendar.